Alkalising infusion therapy is based on the administration of saline, bicarbonate and procaine. Bicarbonate preserves alkaline reserves (buffer function), recharges tissues’ reserves of alkalising substances and therefore promotes normal homeostasis of the acid-base balance.

Procaine improves circulation and opens up microcirculation (small arteries that transport oxygen to tissues).



The Pharmacology Institute of the Hannover Medical School has demonstrated that platelet adhesion can be reduced and a strong vasodilation effect can be achieved through the administration of oxygen. Additionally, it strengths the immune system by improving white blood cell mobility.

Oxygen is essential for proper cell function. This technique will improve the efficiency of cellular metabolism, which will restore organ function.


Therapy with UVB-irradiated blood

Consists of irradiating 50 cc of your own blood under UVB rays and then reinjecting it into your body intravenously.


Ozone therapy – autohaemotherapy

Consists of administering the patient an intravenous injection of blood that has been collected and ozonised.


Intravenous laser therapy

Laser light is brought directly into the bloodstream using a fibreglass catheter. In vitro tests have demonstrated that irradiation of white blood cells induces various effects, including boosting immune response.

The laser can also be used locally, using a small needle, to resolve bone and joint problems.


Infusions of vitamins, minerals and amino acids

Nutritional deficiencies are very often significant and require infusions to restore reserves and stimulate metabolism.

Based on clinical and diagnostic assessment, infusions are suggested that contain adequate doses of vitamin C, B-group vitamins, amino acids and other supplements.


Immune system boosting

At the centre, we use many strategies to improve immune system efficiency, including: infusions containing amino acids and vitamins essential for proper immune system function; homeopathic vaccinations, based on intramuscular injections of homeopathic remedies combined with autologous blood administered weekly for five weeks; mycotherapy, which is the use of medicinal fungi to stimulate the body’s defences; ozone therapy; UV rays; intravenous laser therapy; and microimmunotherapy.


Chelation therapy – heavy metals

Heavy metals are eliminated through urine, saliva and sweat. However, heavy metals also tend to accumulate in tissues; when they do, they are difficult to eliminate. At the centre, we perform intravenous infusion therapies with substances that can bind to toxic substances, allowing their elimination in urine.


Integrative oncology

The fight against cancer requires a multidisciplinary approach in which many healthcare professionals have a role to play in improving the efficacy of the treatment and chances of the patient’s recovery. This model can be safely incorporated in any phase of treatment. Naturally, the ideal situation is integration with conventional treatment (e.g., chemotherapy) as soon as possible.

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