Acupuncture is a technique practised in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Microanatomy and modern physics have been able to confirm the existence of acupuncture “points” and the accuracy of the theories that have been handed down over centuries. We now know that the “points” are able to modulate and send stimuli to the neurovegetative system. By doing so, the processes of autoregulation and healing are started.


Chiropractic and manual therapy

Chiropractic therapy is now an internationally established and codified science in which the hands are used to prevent, evaluate and treat disorders that affect the musculoskeletal system.

Manipulation consists of forced mobilisation of vertebral segments of the spine that goes beyond joint play without exceeding anatomical limits. This must be performed very precisely in a controlled manner.

L’ossigeno è fondamentale per il corretto funzionamento delle cellule. Tramite questa tecnica, si migliorerà l’efficienza del metabolismo cellulare a cui conseguirà il ripristino della funzionalità degli organi.


Adlerian psychology

In holistic medicine, psychological well-being is a basic principle for maintaining health and treating disease.

Alfred Adler’s comparative individual psychology fits this philosophy perfectly. Adler considered human beings as indivisible units of body and mind whose behaviour can only be understood by considering the context in which they live.


Colon hydrotherapy

A detoxification technique. Since time immemorial, intestinal lavage has been a foundational therapy. Today, it is still commonly practised in many medical cultures.


Drainage techniques

These techniques aid detoxification of the body.

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