Evaluation of intestinal bacterial flora

Thanks to this test, we are able to detect three types of problems: intestinal bacterial flora, absorption of macronutrients and functionally useful enzymes and molecules. It is helpful because it allows us to evaluate intestinal functionality in a fully personalised manner.


Food intolerance

Using a drop of blood from the patient’s finger and a kit based on the ELISA immunoenzymatic system, after about 40 minutes, we will have the results and the patient will be instructed on what foods to avoid.


Anti-ageing laboratory diagnostics

The goal of anti-ageing medicine, also called orthomolecular or functional medicine, is to investigate nutritional deficiencies and the potential presence of factors that predispose a person to developing certain diseases.


Oxidative stress – damage by free radicals

Oxidative stress is an imbalance between oxidants (e.g., free radicals) and antioxidants.


Dark-field microscopy

Dark-field microscopy is a method for studying blood cells. It uses an optical microscope to which a special condenser is applied that is able to reveal particles that are not otherwise visible.


Heavy metals

The Oligoscan test can identify excessive levels of heavy metals and mineral deficiencies.

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